Interested in Photography ?
Got a camera and want to take better Photos ?
Then why not come along to our workshops.

Over the 8 week course you will learn the basics of taking a great photograph.

Some of the basics include :-
. How to hold the camera
. DSLR Terminology
. Camera / shooting modes
. Composition
. Depth of field
. Lens focal length
. Aperture
. Understanding ISO
. Exposure
. Lighting

The workshops start on Wednesday May 1st 2019 at 8pm – 9pm :-
343 Dagnam Park Drive
Harold Hill

The workshops cost £10 per week.

A certificate will be awarded on completion of the course as well as a set of Snap Cards – printable key photography lessons that you can take with you anywhere!

If you are interested, please get in touch by emailing David at

Look forward to seeing you at the workshops.

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